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Raja Aishwaryam Caterings is the Best Catering Services in Chennai since 1985. For more than 35+ years we are serving the best foods for all types of functions. Almost we have served more than 50,000+ Functions. 

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About Us

Raja Aishwaryam Caterings has started catering services in Chennai at 1985. For more than 35+ years we are serving the best foods for all types of functions. Almost we have served more than 50,000 Functions. Our customers are the backbone of our services, with their support and love We became the Best Catering Services in Chennai with 100% quality food.

Our Catering Services

wedding catering services in chennai

Wedding Caterings

We are the best wedding catering services in chennai, check our latest menus here and book us.

corporate catering services in chennai

Corporate Caterings

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birthday party catering services in chennai

Birthday Party Caterings

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college catering services in chennai

College Caterings

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Industrial Caterings

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baby shower catering services in chennai

Baby Shower Caterings

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brahmin catering services in chennai

Brahmin Caterings

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Telugu Caterings

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events catering services in chennai

All Event Caterings

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Break Fast

Check our latest menu of break fast for your functions and events.

Lunch Menu

Check our latest menu of Lunch for your functions and events.

Dinner Menu

Check our latest menu of dinner for your functions and events.

Why to Choose Us?

Delicious Foods

Our all foods are very yummy taste but we are not using any artificial colors or tasting powders.

Quality Ingredients

High quality ingredients are the single most important factor of us making a foods for function.

100 % Hygiene

Our foods are Hygienic food which is free from any kind of impurities and harmful bacteria.


Our all foods are served on perfect time without any delay but we are not confiscate in quality.

I availed their service for my housewarming ceremony. Food and service was really really good. Our guests were praising the food and asked us about the caterer. I available their service based on purely the reputations and feedbacks of their old customers. Must say they stand up to the expectations by excelling on the food and service. I highly recommend them to all

Sree Mathi


We availed their services for our daughter’s wedding for about 3000 members .Veg Hyderabadi tasted best like north indian cuisine only best curry I had in a wedding event . Quality food and so kind and helpful staff. Excellent services were provided by them. Great job no words to say we are speechless. Neat and Clean. our family have no tension on that day. Credit goes to Raja Aishwaryam catering services team.

Partha Sarathy


I booked Raja Aishwaryam catering services for my daughter’s first birthday . Food was excellent . They are on time . Very professional staff . Veg dum biryani was too good . I recommend them for any of your requirements.

Sivamani Iyer


Catering Services in Chennai

We have crossed the successful 35 plus years into the Catering Services in Chennai with a variety of orders. Permutations and combinations of food are delivered for birthday parties, office functions, wedding orders and get together functions. We are the best Caterers in Chennai with a customized model. We provide you the photo collection of the variety of food which we have delivered so far. We are ready to give a sample as per the customization in the taste and diet. We have our catalog to different functions with food and arrangements like the flower decorations, craft decorations for the seer, kolam, stage decorations, car arrangements for chariot function, Mehandi arrangement and music arrangements for the reception. We believe in the saying “small things bring perfection but perfection is not a small thing”. Our food tastes and our arrangements speak out loud to spread our name.

We work with a motto to follow the health standards and give more priority to hygiene preparations. We see food as the reason to think, sleep and perform our activities. So, hygienic food can bring the peace which we all love. Our teamwork as a family with personal care to deliver the food on time and thoroughly understand the event to make it special. Being the Best Catering Services in Chennai we feel felicity to take your misery when planning for the function. Stay cool for welcoming your network of people and leave the back stage to us for a splendid celebration.

Welcome to Raja Aishwaryam caterings

Food is the feel of celebrating inner feelings. The taste buds are loaded with the tastes that we long for the special food items and favorite food items on every occasion. Foodies are denoted by the influences of the food they love. Coming to the point we are one of such person from the foodie group who want to take the different tastes from the different cuisines to make the people happy. We train our employees regarding our goodwill which we have earned through our past “The Best Caterers in Chennai”. This name is what we believe as our identity.

We are an established company with a network of delivering quality food for the celebrations. We touch the lives by our preparations and delivery systems. Our chain of services is cohesive with the different culture and we bend ourselves for understanding the small things to big things in the service. Find our Catering Services in Chennai with Price list to decide on your menu.

Every tradition has its impression and climate. We use the spices, vegetables and decorations in line with the authenticity which we carry as a sign of quality. Brahmin wedding, telungu wedding, and kanada wedding are handled after an organized plan to take all the essential things into account. We offer Veg Catering Services in Chennai and have served more than 50,000 functions.


We offer sublime services to reach multiple types of people as travel towards multiple cuisines. We as a Best Caterers in Chennai spread the name to every nook and corner of the city. We stand first among the Chennai Catering Services List to create a mark in the food industry with our creative skills. Scroll down to know more about our services focused on your entrance.

Wedding Catering

Wedding catering is the main business of the Catering Services Providers in Chennai and we are happy to undertake different types of south Indian and North Indian Wedding catering. We see each marriage with intimacy of cultural requirements and seasonal requirements. We work in more quantities during the peak muhurtham season and happy to serve the population of Chennai to win their hearts. The memorable experiences of marriages are created by the superlative plans of our elite group. We are the role models for the Best Caterers in Chennai to represent the culture through food.

Corporate catering

As a part of our wings, we take corporate catering for providing food for the office to get together functions. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and evening snacks are provided as per the list from the management. The scheduled services are given to the corporate clients as per their specifications and we ensure the quality service prepared with zero pollution from our superlative kitchen.

Brahmin catering

We know the taste and preferences of the Brahmin wedding catering services. We provide the authentic food with seasoning which makes people feel the tradition. Our services are known for our majority clients who are the reason for our popularity.

Industrial catering

Industrial catering goes with the services for get together functions or regular food supply. Our services are delivered on time with a perfect taste for regular lunch. Quality is the main reason to get the services from us. We give more importance to the health measures in case of the regular supply. If you search for the best Chennai Catering Services List then we come as first in the list as our services are wide.

College catering

We are happy to extend our services to the young champs of our society the teenagers who celebrate the moments of college life. As per the menu, we provide the service with an option of north Indian, south Indian and Chinese.

Birthday parties

Birthday parties are a special occasion where the food is served with a passion to make the birthday baby as the central figure. We take the order and give ideas to make the celebration still more special with the latest food options. Here also a variety of food like cake, chips, north Indian, south Indian and Chinese food are provided to delight the party. We provide arrangements like a vehicle, moon, or princess-like theme to make the birthday celebration still more special.


As seemantham is the function which is celebrated with a traditional touch we make the food as per the order. Generally a variety of food like mango rice, lemon rice, coconut rice, vegetable pulao, and curd rice are served for the seemantham function.

Telugu catering

We undertake the Telugu as per the taste of the Andra cuisine. We make it special with the exact spices which add taste to the Telugu kitchen.

Event catering

We provide the event catering with different food menu as per the requirement. Event management will be held in different places and according to the expected population we give our best in the food.

Menu for wedding function

To take a virtual tour to our menu section here we provide the sample of menu that we think as the best. Avial, kootu, potato fry {without onion or garlic} or Cauli Flower Gobi Manchurian fry {includes onion and garlic- optional}, potato chips or banyan chips, Appalam, mango oorukai, cucumber thayir pachadi, lemon rice, Pal payasam, badam halwa, jankiri, Mixture, Thayir vadai, sambar, rasam, curd, butter milk, pan and groundnut burfi. After the meals, we provide pan or groundnut barfi which we got from a healthy diet as a good part for digestion. We suggest this as a measure of awareness in all the functions. All the food preparations are as per the health norms. We stand as a center of attraction among the Chennai Catering Services List.

Our Excellence is Our Experience

We believe in the best and we incline to stand first among the Best Caterers in Chennai. Yes, we are the right example for the saying Our Excellence is Our Experience. The professionalism which we gained through our experience is seen in all our services. Right from the taste, presentation, health standards, punctuality and coordination which is needed to host the party as per the individual needs explicit the experience of our profession.

Why to Choose Us?

The comfort is the final word which drove us to any service. We believe in the quality and comfort which the customers expect from us. Our customers are not only the customers but the memories which we value as advertisements for the future. In marriage functions, we take even instant items like pani poori, bhel poori, popcorn, ice cream, and masala dosa during the reception which are the instant preparations. We engage the employee’s right from the first call until the last pack up to take prime ownership and responsibility. We engage experienced people as supervisors to guide the assistance in every aspect. Search for the Best Vegetarian Caterers in Chennai for the marriages because it is the one time show in the life of the groom and bridegroom. Heavenly taste and heavenly decorations are the elements that makes the marriages as memorable. We are known to many local residents of Chennai through mouth marketing as Top 10 Caterers in Chennai.


What are the different types of breakfast offered?

Idli with sambar, white chutney and kara chutney, uttampam, masala dosa, rava upma, rava kitchdi, chapathi with kurma, poori with gravy, Chinese noodles, and Pongal with chutney.

What is the cost of single plate?

The cost of a single plate depends upon the number of items. We offer reasonable prices as per the Chennai prevailing rates.

How many workers are engaged in the services?

For Marriage functions, we send ten to fifteen workers with a supervisor. We first take the order with the preference which they give for food serving. In some functions, they instruct us to serve for once and then ask before serving but in some functions, they instruct us to serve more times. Depending upon the people we do the service. We are very particular about food wastage.

If we demand extra food during the final moments can you provide that?

Yes but time differs as per the quantity which the customers demand. Generally, we keep everything ready for extra preparations. If there is a need for that we cook within one hour and serve.

Can we get vegetable carvings or fruit carvings for the display during the reception?

Yes, we do vegetable carvings, fruit carvings and flower decorations as per the request of the customers. We are the Top Caterers in Chennai who add flavor to every occasion with our creative services.